About Us

“360 digital Project” was born in Paris from the principle that in this new era, the impact of images on promotion or decision making is very important.

So I created 360 digital projects to meet the photographic challenges your company needs.

Whether it’s photos of your company, your physical or online shop, or your properties you want to promote, 360 digital projects meets the most demanding requirements.

Who am I?

My name is Mo, product manager and image expert.

I have worked for the biggest French and English companies to combine new technology with visuals.

In parallel I have been developing for 20 years my photographic skills with a professional and creative approach.

Moreover, since 2017 I have been able to acquire a large portfolio of projects with 360° images in monoscopic (panorama) and stereoscopic (3D).

If you have a vague idea of your digital project or a fixed idea, contact me and I will be happy to help you.


Our team & skills

Agile Project Managment 97%
360° Photograhy 95%
Still Photography 95%
Negociation 95%
Marketing 85%
Copywriting 100%

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